Steam Digger

This is a game I have made as a project in the course "TDDD23 Design and Programming of Computer Games". It is a 2D game made in Java using LibGDX and Box2D. In the game, the player explores the underground world while mining for ores and minerals using a steam powered mining machine.

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Latest version

100ReleaseVersionRunnable.jar (52 MB)
100ReleaseVersionRunnable.exe (52 MB)

Older versions

016BetaRunnable.jar (54 MB)
016BetaRunnable.exe (54 MB)
015BetaRunnable.jar (54 MB)
015BetaRunnable.exe (54 MB)
014BetaRunnable.jar (49 MB)
014BetaRunnable.exe (49 MB)
013BetaRunnable.jar (48 MB)
013BetaRunnable.exe (48 MB)
012BetaRunnable.jar (43 MB)
012BetaRunnable.exe (43 MB)
011BetaRunnable.jar (43 MB)
011BetaRunnable.exe (43 MB)
010BetaRunnable.jar (43 MB)
010BetaRunnable.exe (43 MB)
009BetaRunnable.jar (43 MB)
009BetaRunnable.exe (43 MB)
008BetaRunnable.jar (43 MB)
008BetaRunnable.exe (43 MB)
007BetaRunnable.jar (43 MB)
007BetaRunnable.exe (43 MB)
006AlphaRunnable.jar (43 MB)
006AlphaRunnable.exe (43 MB)
005AlphaRunnable.jar (43 MB)
005AlphaRunnable.exe (43 MB)
004AlphaRunnable.jar (42 MB)
004AlphaRunnable.exe (42 MB)
003AlphaRunnable.jar (42 MB)
003AlphaRunnable.exe (42 MB)
002AlphaRunnable.jar (42 MB)
002AlphaRunnable.exe (42 MB)
001AlphaRunnable.jar (36 MB)

by Axel Brinkeby,